As of September 1, 2020, Ing. Libor Klimpar became the COO of LABORTECH s.r.o., who will continue to be responsible for the operation directing and management of the company, strategy-making, policy making to meet the stated goals. Our successful, dynamically developing team will be strengthened by experience from the international environment of engineering companies, where he worked in the areas of business, service, maintenance, assembly and project management.

Ing. Libor Klimpar – COO

Interview with the new CEO of LABORTECH s. r. o.

Mr. Klimpar, what are your first impressions?

It is especially an honor for me to be able to work for such a highly developed technology company and participate in its further development. Thanks to the successful development of a unique technically biaxial machine, we are one of the three world leaders in the test machine market. I feel that mutual openness, cooperation and flexibility are important for the LABORTECH team. Everyone contributes to our development with their work and has a desire to constantly improve and find new solutions.

How does the current situation affect the stability of company?

We are a strong, healthy Czech family company, with a comprehensive portfolio of products, with our own development. We also have a wide range of services.

Thanks to the foresight of Mr. Dušek, owner and company director, we have invested to the promoting of our company, which brings us fruit in the form of orders from around the world and more than 20 industries.

I have to highlight and greatly appreciate the work of foreign partners, supported by our sales team. They successfully sell our products and they support our growth even in today’s difficult times.


Where do you see the future of LABORTECH?

Everywhere in the world. I believe, and our results suggest that even a small Czech company can conquer the world. I believe in our future, because “Every small detail matters” is, by the way, the new motto of our company and it is precisely the details in which we try to excel.

And word at the end?

Thank you and I wish all of us, our colleagues, partners, customers and their families, to overcome the difficulties of today together and in good health.



From 22th to 25th September, the 18th annual International Trade Fair Analitka Expo 2020 is taking place in Moscow

LABORTECH, on behalf of its new business partner LECO Corporation is currently participating in the Analitika Expo trade fair.

Analytica Expo is the largest trade fair in the chemical industry in Russia and the CIS countries with 241 exhibitors and more than 6,000 visitors. The fair is also a central platform associating suppliers of analytical equipment in the field of materials engineering and experts from various research and production laboratories, as well as for the mechanical properties of materials.

At the fair, in addition to the comprehensive product portfolio of the LABORTECH company, our colleagues also present their own contributions within the fair forum and also participate in factual discussions developing current topics in the field of materials engineering.

Our colleagues can be found in Hall 3, Hall 12 and Stand A247


Every small detail matters…


Hydraulické čelisti, zkušební příslušenství

As part of a project for the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Environmental Engineering of the Lodz University in Poland, we realized the production of the LabTest 6.600 E.3 machine. Thanks to the typology of the tested material and the conditions for testing, we have made several innovative modifications to this machine. One of the most significant modifications of the device, in addition to the raised frame, is the possibility of testing composite materials, namely fiberglass concrete reinforcements. For this reason, we created enlarged inserts for the grips with increased frictional force in the bearing surface, and therefore it was necessary to make more robust hydraulic grips with side pressure.

Since the clamping of fiberglass reinforcements is a very specific discipline, so thanks to many years of experience in this field with our engineers, we have developed a method combining 3 factors:

  • Creation of special grips with inserts
  • Automatically controlled pressure in the grips
  • developing a specific clamping surface on the hydraulic grips

Modified hydraulic grips also offer the possibility of attaching other accessories to the grips, such as accessories for 3 and 4 point bending, without the need to disassemble them.

More information about LabTest E.3 series test machines can be found on the “Learn more” button below. Get more information“.

Electromechanical testing machine, Universal testing machine, tensile testing machine

Electromechanical testing machine LabTest 6.600 – Hydraulic grips with side pressure and optical extensometer ONE

LABORTECH not only implements its plans and goals in the area of technological development of our machines and equipment, but we are also embarking on other ambitious projects developing the very facilities and premises of LABORTECH, which is why we are preparing the construction of several buildings. By the end of 2020, a new atrium will be built at the headquarters of our company in Opava, and during the next year 2021, a completely new administrative building will be added to the production hall in Budišov nad Budišovkou. These two new buildings will help expand both production and storage facilities, as well as create completely new administrative workplaces, meeting rooms, relaxation zones, a new showroom for presentations of our machines and equipment and much more.


Rázová kladiva, Charpyho kladiva, zkoušky rázem

We modified our Charpy hammer

LabTest CHK 50J – D

We are expanding our portfolio of impact hammers!

  • As part of the expansion of the portfolio of impact so-called Charpy hammers LabTest CHK.1 up to 50 J, we have modified our standard equipment and created a new machine version LabTest CHK 50 J – D, which is a digitized variation of its predecessors. The LabTest CHK 50 J – D device has a number of innovations suitable for simple and fast operation of the machine, suitable both for the non-stop production or for random laboratory testing:


  • Easy replacement of the test pendulum hammer by loosening one screw from the axis of rotation.
  • Carbon reinforcement and lighter version of testing arms.
  • Sliding protective cover.
  • Automatic pendulum locking system.
  • Possibility of adjusting the three positions of the default angle.
  • Automated centering system of the specimen.

The testing process is ensured by the SIMATIC PLC control system with a touch screen.

Charpy impact hammers of the CHK series. 1 in a table design with a nominal energy of up to 50 J are, thanks to their accuracy, ergonomics and originality, a world leader in the field of impact testing. All our Pendulum Impact Hammers are modularly designed so that, at the customer’s additional request, they can be easily and quickly expanded with a superstructure system, either in the form of instrumentation or full automation using the Blue Runner robotic system.Pendulum impact hammer can be supplemented directly with the entire TCR test center to comprehensively ensure the measurement of notched toughness, namely the optical inspection of the OPTOLab 55 II sample and the VRE notching device for the formation of U and V notches. In our product portfolio you will also find Charpy Impact Hammers with an integrated touch LCD monitor with a full-fledged PC, including IMPACTTest software.

Charpy hammer, Pendulum impact tester, impact tester

Pendulum impact tester LabTest CHK 50J – D


Do you want to learn more about our Pendulum impact hammers or are you interested in purchasing one of our devices? Contact us, our salesmen will be happy to advise you or possibly propose a solution according to your requirements …


zkušební stroje, zkušební trhací stroj, trhací stroje, testovací systémy, univerzální zkušební stroje

LABORTECH Electromechanical testing machine LabTest series E.2 in (ACEM) India!

Our tensile testing machine is part of the laboratory of the National Defense Research and Development Organization (ACEM) in India. Due to the high-tensile tests of the extremely elastic plastic material for this machine, we designed an increased version of the machine frame. At the same time, it was necessary to use 3 extensometers to capture the maximum elongation of the test specimen at a given load due to the increased field of view.

Univerzální zkušební stroj, trhací stroj, zkoušky v tahu, zkoušky v tlaku, testovací stroj

Thanks to our active cooperation with our business partners in India, this is the sixth project in a row, most of which provide scientific research to state and educational institutions such as the Bhabha Atomic Research Center (BARC), the Indira Gandhi Center for Atomic Research (IGCAR) or the Metallurgical Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense (DMRL).

We are glad that our testing machines and equipment are significant part of scientific activities even in such distant countries.


Spiral measurement, Copper measuring, Spring testing, Testing machine for copper spring

Springs testing has never been easier and more fun!

In LABORTECH, we have no shortage of creativity, even in these difficult times!

We have offered our foreign customers a truly original, simple and at the same time highly effective solution for testing copper samples, which they are able to easily prepare on our machine!

The special electromechanical testing set LabTest MCS designed for testing copper samples according to GOST 28515-97 and BS EN 12893: 2000 enables not only testing of copper samples on 3 separate testing work spaces, but also the preparation of test samples on the winding device, which is working quickly and reliably. The whole testing proces is set by the control system and all evaluation with control system is performed via the operating LCD display.

Do you want to know more information about our device? Watch the attached video, Click on the button below “Find out more about our equipment” or call us and our dealers or application technicians will answer any questions.


Padostroje, zkušební stroje pro rázové zkoušky, příslušenství pro rázové zkoušky

We developed Drop weight testers II. generation

Despite all the complications of the present day, when the whole world is struggling with the adverse conditions of insidious disease, at LABORTECH we try to take advantage of any opportunities to continuously improve our technology development. That’s why we’ve worked on our latest DPFest 600, which is the drop weight tester II. generation of the DP.2 series, which we have implemented a number of new technological designs.

The most fundamental transformation of our Drop weight testers DP.2 series is in the modular design of the machines of this series. Our developers aim to create the machine optimally so that the design of the machine frame itself meets all safety criteria, even in case of possible extension of the machine with other functionalities or accessories such as:

Drop weight tester, Impact testing

In addition to a number of options extending the machine with various functionalities and accessories, we have developed a new, user-friendly and intuitive DropTest software. The machine is also equipped with a device to prevent secondary reflection of the mandrel, so that your measured values are as accurate as possible.

With all our technological advances we always try to increase comfort and efficiency at work, therefore our machines are already with their high rigidity and optimal solution frame machine, ready for higher loads of energy, so that we do not put any limits and obstacles into your testing…

Are You interested in our drop weight testers or do You want to know more about them? Contact us and we will be happy to advise You…


rázové kladivo, charpyho kladivo, příprava vzorku pro charpy, optická kontrola, rázové zkoušky

Thanks to our impact testing center, your testing will become a highly effective and time-saving matter.

The perfect ergonomic design and software interoperability of our devices ensures a comfortable and fast execution of the entire test process.The testing center consists of a device for forming V and U grooves – Notching machine VRE, device for Optical specimes check – OPTOLab 55 II and Pendulum impact tester CHK with nominal energy up to 750J.

The entire testing process takes no more than 40 seconds…

  • Sample preparation
  • Sample optical check
  • Impact test
Pendulum impact tester, Charpy hammer, Optical sample check, Notching machine, sample preparing

Impact testing center


As part of our regularly held promotion events, we introduced to our customers a unique Servo-hydraulic dynamic Biaxial testing machine for multi-axis loading.

Tuesday 5.11. one of our regularly held promotion events took place in the showroom of our production hall, but this event was unique not only by the number of machines that visitors could see, but by its programm. We introduced to our guests projects that were innovative in the field of material engineering with their approach and method of application. We wanted to introduce projects that helped our customers, whether to reduce the total cost of the production process itself, increase production potential to raise potential profit or reduce the overall energy consumption of machines, thereby reducing the environmental impact.

We are also very pleased that during the presentations our customers themselves told us and shared with our colleagues the positive experience with the acquisition of our testing machines, which brought them a quick financial return, only a few months after the purchase of the equipment. We perceive these findings as a huge success.

The highlight of the event was the introduction of a Servo-hydraulic dynamic biaxial testing machine with official name LabTest 6.250H.11, which we have not yet produced in the Czech Republic. This machine was specially developed for Moscow University for multi-axis, low and high cycle loading of composites and materials for the aerospace industry.


LabTest 6.250H.11

We would like to thank all participants of the event and we look forward to seeing you again at our next promotion events