Static servo-hydraulic testing machines

LABORTECH is a very strong player in the world of static hydraulic testing machines production. Thanks to the well-arranged division, our production portfolio consists of universal machines for tests in tension, pressure, bending, shear and torsion when loading specimens and whole products – series H.1, H.2, H.3 up to 5MN, precision testing presses series H.4 up to 10MN, tensile testing machines of modular design – series H.7 up to 20MN and length up to 30 m or sheet metal testing machine up to 1MN – ERICHSEN


All the hydraulic testing machines produced by our company are designed in a way that the customer can rely fully on their function even when performing the most demanding tasks in the field of mechanical testing of materials. The intuitive and seamless use of LABORTECH testing software guarantees a reliable connection to the corporate network. A rich selection of accessories is available and can easily retrofit and upgrade the offered device.