LABORTECH specializes in manufacturing testing machines for a wide spectrum of the railway industry. We are a leader in providing 100% testing of railway parts, and our specialized equipment and technologies allow for conducting long-term tests of key components of railway vehicles, railway superstructure, traction systems, and other components.

One of our top-of-the-line testing machines for the railway industry is the LabTest 6.50-TS equipment. This machine is designed for testing clips, tensioning clips, and spring clips made of spring steel according to the standard DBS 918 127 – Deutsche Bundesbahn – in dynamic mode.

Thanks to these tests, not only the quality and reliability of the parts are ensured, but also maximum safety for passengers and railway workers. Our company strictly adheres to safety standards and regulations, and every part undergoes rigorous inspections and tests throughout the entire production process.

With LABORTECH, you can be assured that your railway components have undergone the best tests on the market, contributing to the safety and reliability of railway operations.



LABORTECH has become one of the few companies in the world to develop a testing machine for HOPKINSON method. The HPTest 60 – HIGH STRAIN RATE TESTING ELEMENTS OF HOPKINSON operates on the principle of a split Hopkinson bar and is primarily designed for compression tests on materials subjected to impact loading. As stated by Weinong and Bo, the Hopkinson device – HPTest 60 is not only used for compression tests. The HPTest 60 testing machine from LABORTECH is utilized to determine the dynamic mechanical properties of steels, aluminum alloys, copper, titanium, and other technical metallic and non-metallic materials (especially plastics, glass, ceramics, foams, and more).


These tests can also be conducted at elevated temperatures, up to 500 °C. Through these tests, stress-strain curves, deformation rates, or just numerical values ​​of maximum dynamic stress acting on the sample can be obtained. Standard Hopkinson compression tests are employed to determine the mechanical properties of the material under compressive impact loading. The equipment consists of input and output bars, with the sample placed between them. An accelerated impactor strikes the input bar, transferring its kinetic energy to it. Part of the impactor’s kinetic energy is consumed in the plastic deformation of the sample, and the remainder is transferred to the output bar, which is supported at the end by a flexible block. 


The dynamic mechanical properties are determined from the Hopkinson test through elastic pulses, which are captured by two high-speed strain gauge sensors connected to high-speed electronics. We are proud to have joined the ranks of a few companies worldwide. Many thanks to all designers, application engineers, and programmers. 



LABORTECH is delighted to have become one of the sponsors of the World Indoor Athletics Tour Silver – BESKYDSKÁ LAŤKA. This international athletic event has a 30-year tradition and is now an integral part of the global athletics calendar. We are proud to support these athletic events, which bring athletes from around the world to Třinec and the WERK ARENA, whether they are young hopefuls or experienced professionals. We applaud the spirit of friendship and fair play that permeates these races.

Our sponsorship presence at the WERK ARENA in Třinec allowed us to witness the amazing performances of world-class high jumpers, showcasing their excellent form. Let great sporting performances and a friendly atmosphere continue to accompany these athletic competitions, whether for competitors or spectators.

More information can be found at: BESKYDSKÁ LAŤKA



In the period from 29 to 31 January 2024, an exceptional meeting of business partners from Germany, Austria, England, Italy and Poland took place at a partner day, organized by LABORTECH. This exceptional meeting was an opportunity to share experience in the field of testing machine sales, and at the same time brought space for the presentation of the latest innovations, technologies and visions.

Exchange of experience and trading strategies

The main objective of the partner day was to exchange valuable experience in the field of sales of testing machines. Representatives of LABORTECH shared with business partners successful strategies, challenges and news in the field of material testing. The discussion focused on current trends in the industry and the opportunities that new technologies bring.

Innovation – presented in the Showroom

LABORTECH had the honour to welcome participants in its showroom in Opava. A modern robotic workplace for tensile and impact tests – X-RUNNER, which represents the pinnacle of automation in the field of mechanical testing of materials, was demonstrated here. Representatives of business partners had the opportunity to see how this technology produced by LABORTECH increases the efficiency and 100% repeatability of tests.

View of the production hall: production of testing machines

The partners of LABORTECH had a unique opportunity to look into the actual process of production of testing machines. LABORTECH Budišov nad Budišovkou hosted visitors in its production hall, where innovative equipment for mechanical testing of materials is manufactured and tested. Participants had the opportunity to get a feel for the new machines and better understand their design and functionality, as well as understand the details behind the quality and reliability of these devices.

Thanks to Relax Pension Schönwald for their hospitality

The final negotiations and a pleasant end of the day took place in the Relax Pension Schönwald. LABORTECH would like to express its sincere thanks for the excellent hospitality and pleasant environment for the last discussions over a glass of wine. This moment of rest and informal meeting contributed to the strengthening of business relations and the creation of a pleasant atmosphere.

The Future of Collaboration

The partnership day with dealerships from Germany, Austria, England, Italy and Poland was not only about testing materials and innovations, but also about building strong business relationships and working together towards the future. LABORTECH is looking forward to further cooperation and meetings with business partners, in the spirit of innovation and continued development.


We are honored to announce that company LABORTECH, s.r.o. has entered into a new business agreement on exclusive representation with the Austrian company GGW Gruber & Co. GmbH..

Our companies share the same values and corporate strategy, and the merger with this new partner opens up further opportunities for the sale of LABORTECH testing machines and equipment, including the implementation of projects in the field of mechanical testing of materials in Austria, Hungary and Serbia. 

GGW Gruber innovation and technology since 1946

For more than seventy years, GGW Gruber has been part of the metal and plastics processing industry. It is also known as a competent and reliable collaborator for all things dimensional metrology. GGW’s products and services are subject to exacting criteria of continuous quality assurance and audits. These in-house requirements make GGW Gruber the ideal partner for LABORTECH as well as for businesses and companies with a heightened sense of quality and detail.

Partnering with the renowned company GGW Gruber is a huge opportunity for our company to develop and grow. In-depth cooperation and mutual understanding are key to a successful and long-term partnership.


Our company LABORTECH, s.r.o., with the support and participation of our English partner – D&A Testing Solutions Ltd and Mr Art Kharlamov – participated in the international trade fair ADVANCED ENGINEERING – BIRMINGHAM IN ENGLAND from 1st to 2nd November 2023.

Participation in the Advanced Engineering Fair is interesting for LABORTECH because it has a lot to offer in the field of advanced engineering technologies, innovations or industrial solutions in the field of mechanical testing of materials. Here are a few reasons why LABORTECH has confirmed its participation in this fair: presentation of technological innovations, acquisition of new business contacts, study of the market and competition, gaining media attention and improving awareness of the LABORTECH brand

Our company is actively involved in the development and research of new technologies, and therefore the main exhibit at the stand was the presentation of a new series of electromechanical testing machines, which attracted customers with excellent technical processing to the last detail, metrological accuracy and technological advancement with the possibility of using I4.0 results in the automation of testing and inspection processes.


The LabTest SST 6.10-5.1 testing machine for testing the load capacity of rack shelves is a key piece of equipment for ensuring the safety and reliability of storage. This machine makes it possible to accurately determine the maximum weight and load (max. 50kN – 5x10kN per shelf) that a given rack or overall racking system can bear, thus preventing accidents and damage to inventory. The LabTest SST testing machine is equipped with a system for monitoring and recording data about the tests performed. This makes it possible to document the results and monitor changes in the load capacity of the racks over time.

Types of tests: The LabTest SST rack load testing machine performs various types of tests, including static tests (testing the load capacity under static loads) and dynamic tests (simulating dynamic loads such as loading or unloading goods).

Load capacity: Each racking system has a specific load capacity, and the testing machine is able to simulate a load close to this capacity. This includes both the weight of the stored goods and their distribution on the shelves.

Safety Standards: The rack shelf load capacity testing machine meets relevant safety standards to ensure that tests are carried out safely.

Monitoring and data logging: The machine is equipped with a system to monitor and record data about the tests performed. This makes it possible to document the results and monitor changes in the load capacity of the racks over time.

Calibration: An important part is the regular calibration of the machine by LABORTECH to ensure the accuracy of the test results.

Test results: Once the test has been performed, the results are available in a suitable format to make decisions about the safety of the racking system. This includes load capacity values and other relevant information.

 Service support: Access to service support and experts from LABORTECH is important, as they can perform maintenance and repairs on the machine when needed.

LabTest SST 6.10-5.1 – VIDEO


LabTest TWS 300-12 – machine for pressing and disassembly of wheelsets for trams from LABORTECH is a special device that allows safely, efficiently, accurately and controlled disassembly and assembly of double wheels to perform the necessary maintenance work. This machine is a key tool for tram operators and workshops dealing with the maintenance and repair of trams.

Accurate measurement, control of pressing and pulling forces including tightening torque and runout measurement on tram wheelsets are important aspects in the operation and maintenance of trams and rolling stock.

Measurement and control of pressing / pulling force and moment of tightening of wheelsets

 Wheelset runout measurement

All accurate measurements on a tram wheelset with the LabTest TWS 300-12 are crucial to ensure safe, efficient and reliable operation of trams and rolling stock. Monitoring and setting of these parameters via PC and touch monitor allows quick response to potential setup problems and improves the overall safety and performance of the tram system.

LabTest TWS 300-12 – VIDEO 



Opava, September 5, 2023 – The “Opava Mile” running race has seen exciting moments when LABORTECH joined the competition to show its strength on this track. And not only that – LABORTECH managed to win this prestigious running race!

The LABORTECH team participated in the race with great enthusiasm and determination and achieved excellent results. Our runners showed not only their physical readiness, but also team spirit and competitiveness, which led to their victory in this year’s “Opava Mile” among companies.

LABORTECH employees were excited about this win and their representatives expressed their joy. “We are proud of our teams that participated in this running race and achieved such an excellent result,” said Vladan Dušek, director of LABORTECH. “This victory motivates us to further promote a healthy lifestyle and teamwork.”

“The ‘Opava Mile’ running race was a great way to enjoy a sporting event and at the same time strengthen the company’s team spirit,” he added. “We are delighted to have been able to take part in this event and look forward to further sporting challenges.” LABORTECH’s victory in this race is another example of how sport can bring people together and bring joy.

Congratulations to all participants for this excellent result at the running race “Opava Mile 2023”!



We are pleased to announce that LABORTECH, s.r.o. has entered into a new business agreement for exclusive representation with the Italian company TECMET 2000 srl.

Our companies share the same values and corporate strategy, and the association with this new partner opens further opportunities for the sale of testing machines and the implementation of projects in the field of mechanical testing of materials.

TECMET has been active in the market of measuring machines for testing and quality control since 1983, and over the years has acquired a wide portfolio of customers, a high level of commercial and technical experience in metallography, hardness testing, microscopy, metrology, and mechanical testing.

We believe that with this collaboration we will be able to expand into the Italian market and also provide new customers with our quality machines for mechanical testing of materials, automation and robotics, services and full-service support.