In connection with our recent launch of our new websites, we have decided that will offer our instrumented pendulum impact testers series CHK.2 up to 450J for a special price equalling the basic machine. When you buy our instrumented pendulums LABTEST CHK 450J-I and LABTEST CHK 450J-IA you will get an above-standard machine for a price of a basic one. And what is the advantage of the instrumentation of our pendulum impact testers against the non-instrumented ones?


  1. GRAPHIC TEST PROCESSING – IMPACTTest software displaying of the graphical test course curve in dependence of force, timeSoftware Impact test or deformation
  2. DETAILED ANALYSIS OF VALUES – beside of standard characteristic of force values (Fgy, Fm, Fiu, Fa also a detailed analysis of the characteristic values of the deflection quantities (Sgy, Sm, Siu, Sa, St) and values of impact work (Wm, Wiu, Wa, Wt)
  3. INTEGRAL ENERGY CALCULATION – option of more accurate integral calculation of the integral energy calculation from the area under the curve then it is for the non-instrumented version coming from the angle calculation.