Marcopol Sp. z o.o., which is a leading manufacturer and supplier of fasteners, recently included our universal testing machine of the E.3 LabTest 6.500 series in its testing laboratory.

The LabTest 6.500 testing machine has become a key part of the testing laboratory of the quality control department, where it ensures, among other things, the determination of the strength parameters of the tested material: screws, rods, wires or chains. The machine is equipped with a number of accessories such as wedge self-locking grips, videoextensometer ONE and more.

Using Test & Motion software, the machine evaluates measurements of tensile strength, yield strength or elasticity. As Marcopol itself states “This basic but extremely important study guarantees the high quality of our products adapted to the expectations of construction investment experts not only in Europe but also worldwide. And the fasteners we supply for construction investments therefore meet the requirements international technical standards. “

We are glad that this is precisely our machine that Marcopol can rely on in its research activities.

In the image below you will find a link to a video of the machine, taken directly from the Marcopol laboratory.