Do you need to test atypical dimensional parts, assemblies and subassemblies or tensile tests of metal according to EN ISO 6892-1 in dynamic mode up to 500kN and 50 Hz? This is exactly what the LabTest 6.500H.5 series 02 testing machine, placed on anti-vibration pads, is designed for. You don’t need to make any special concrete foundation, just set up the machine and test it.

With electrically continuously adjustable any horizontal position of the actuator with laser guidance, this 02 series test system with T-slot multi-function plate measuring 810 x 1700 mm can be configured for a wide range of applications from testing metals, plastics, composites to dampers, springs and other components. The machine includes electro-hydraulic jacks and locks to increase your productivity with the ability to quickly move the actuator to any position.

The LabTest H.5 series 01A test system includes force sensors, actuators, a quiet hydraulic unit of the HAD63 series with a noise protection cover, test fixtures, accessories (VIDEO extensometer ONE, push and bend fixtures up to 500kN, etc.) and, last but not least, the test software T and M. Everything is coordinated so that the components work perfectly together, so you have more time getting results on tests and less time spent preparing for the exam.



Hydraulic horizontal tensile testing machine of H.7 series for insulator testing

We have successfully installed a testing machine for one of our major customers in Germany last week, who is one of the leading manufacturers of insulators. The testing machine is included in the certified production process, meets the latest trends in machinery safety, has modern features to ensure increased production productivity and guarantee insulator quality.

The design of the LabTest 6.1500H.7 machine is conceived to a maximum load of 1500 kN and designed for testing insulators up to 7 meters long with a test space width of 450 mm.
The machine includes an extremely quiet hydraulic unit with intelligent control. Safety is ensured by laser bolts, protective mesh with plexiglass to prevent fragments of samples from flying off.

Thank you for your confidence and we believe in further successful cooperation.