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AS.5 Testing PKW lamellae – Robotic mounting and test line

Special Electromechanical Testing Machine Series ABC 5.20 … designed for 100% control of suspension of PKW slats with automatic selection of NIO parts. These machines are designed for assembly and testing semi-automatic lines. These machines are characterized by the very high stiffness of the test frame, the speed and accuracy of semi-automatic measurements in thickness measurement, suspension, belt drift and the course of measurement in the sectors – the ABCD method.

AUTOMOTIVE, testovací stroje, zkušební stroje, robotizované stroje

 Full insert Robotic workstation for 100% measuring of PKW couplings :

  • Placed in AUTOMOTIVE production halls of ZF Company corporation
  • Cyclie time 3600 pieces per a day.
  • NON-STOP operation
  • Reliability of 99.9% for slats


Servo-hydraulic dynamic Biaxial cruciform testing machines LabTest 6.250H.11

Our Dynamic Servo-hydraulic systems are the driving engine of any laboratory. They can perform a wide variety of low and high cycles of fatigue, crack propagation, fracture toughness and other dynamic tests. Each system can be easily configured using a suitable frame, a hydraulic cylinder and a hydraulic drive to suit the particular application.

We are currently working on a project of manufacturing a Biaxial cruciform testing machine for mechanical testing of wings, propellers and fuselage parts in the aerospace industry, which we realize for our foreign customer. Machines of a similar type are also used in the automotive, electrical, paper, textile and medical industries.

Biaxial machines are characterized by multi-axis loading of components and sequential parts, which in the area of development serve to determine the deformation properties of materials. They also allow analysis of the behavior of the test substance under the conditions of: gradual loading, long-term cyclic loading, pseudo-rotational loading, stress concentration generation, fatigue testing.

In our Biaxial Testing Machines, we have implemented several innovative features:

  • 95% vibration damping efficiency of the pneumatic system, which does not adversely affect any other test areas or workplaces.
  • Reduced total energy consumption thanks to our modified Hydraulic Power Units.
  • More effective safety precautions thanks to the telescopic protective slide.
  • Test frame characterized by extremely high stiffness and self-resonance suppression with long life and mechanical resistance. Especially high axial and lateral stiffness.

If you would like to learn more about our biaxial machines or realize other projects, do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly discuss with you the possibilities of realizing your projects.

Dynamic testing machine - servo-hydraulic Biaxil testing machinec