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Testing machines with multiple testing areas

We are happy to embark on the most ambitious projects with you, where we analyze all possible circumstances and choose from a number of options so that we can offer you the best possible solution. And sometimes the best solution is two or three test areas in one machine! Thanks to our many years of […]

LABORTECH is the holder of the ČSN EN ISO 14001:2016 certification

At LABORTECH, we have always placed great emphasis on ensuring that our production and activities connected not only with production have the least possible impact on the environment! “A GREENER APPROACH TO THE ECOSYSTEM IS A GUARANTEE FOR THE FUTURE” “WE ARE NOT APATHETIC TO THE FUTURE OF OUR CHILDREN” We have confirmed our efforts […]

Dynamic fracture toughness testing ASTM E399

Dynamic servohydraulic testing machine LabTest 6.250H.5 has recently become part of the testing laboratory of the Ukrainian company INTERPIPE NTRP, a global manufacturer of steel pipes and railway wheels. This testing machine, equipped with accessories such as a temperature chamber or a contact strain gauge, was designed and conceived to provide testing and measurement of […]

Electromechanical Dynamic Pulsator Testing Machine at POLYMER INSTITUTE in Brno

Electromechanical Dynamic Pulsator Testing Machines EP series  …Oil-free and noiseless way through dynamic testing… As part of the implementation of a recent project, one of our Electromechanical Dynamic Pulsator Testing Machines of the EP series became part of the scientific and research laboratory of UNIPETROL RPA, s.r.o. – POLYMER INSTITUTE in Brno.  This test machine […]

What is Tensile Testing of Metallic Materials?

Tensile testing is the most common and one of the most important used mechanical tests of metallic materials, which determines the values of strength and deformation for metal applications, which are essential in the design and construction of various components, commodities, various machines and equipment or entire buildings. In tensile testing of metallic materials, the […]

Drop Weight Testers for Testing of Plastic Pipes

With the world’s leading manufacturer of plastic piping systems, Wavin plastic pipe systems & solutions, we have implemented a project for the production of low-capacity Drop weight tester series DP.2, which will be the current testing laboratory of the production plant in the Czech Republic. The Drop weight testing machine DPFest 250-2 with nominal energy 250J […]

LABORTECH machines guarantee quality during testing of fasteners

Marcopol Sp. z o.o., which is a leading manufacturer and supplier of fasteners, recently included our universal testing machine of the E.3 LabTest 6.500 series in its testing laboratory. The LabTest 6.500 testing machine has become a key part of the testing laboratory of the quality control department, where it ensures, among other things, the […]