LabTest 6.50H.5-TS – tests tension and spring clips on rails according to the DBS 918 127 standard

LABORTECH specializes in manufacturing testing machines for a wide spectrum of the railway industry. We are a leader in providing 100% testing of railway parts, and our specialized equipment and technologies allow for conducting long-term tests of key components of railway vehicles, railway superstructure, traction systems, and other components.

One of our top-of-the-line testing machines for the railway industry is the LabTest 6.50-TS equipment. This machine is designed for testing clips, tensioning clips, and spring clips made of spring steel according to the standard DBS 918 127 – Deutsche Bundesbahn – in dynamic mode.

Thanks to these tests, not only the quality and reliability of the parts are ensured, but also maximum safety for passengers and railway workers. Our company strictly adheres to safety standards and regulations, and every part undergoes rigorous inspections and tests throughout the entire production process.

With LABORTECH, you can be assured that your railway components have undergone the best tests on the market, contributing to the safety and reliability of railway operations.



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