LABORTECH has become one of the few companies in the world to develop a testing machine for HOPKINSON method. The HPTest 60 – HIGH STRAIN RATE TESTING ELEMENTS OF HOPKINSON operates on the principle of a split Hopkinson bar and is primarily designed for compression tests on materials subjected to impact loading. As stated by Weinong and Bo, the Hopkinson device – HPTest 60 is not only used for compression tests. The HPTest 60 testing machine from LABORTECH is utilized to determine the dynamic mechanical properties of steels, aluminum alloys, copper, titanium, and other technical metallic and non-metallic materials (especially plastics, glass, ceramics, foams, and more).


These tests can also be conducted at elevated temperatures, up to 500 °C. Through these tests, stress-strain curves, deformation rates, or just numerical values ​​of maximum dynamic stress acting on the sample can be obtained. Standard Hopkinson compression tests are employed to determine the mechanical properties of the material under compressive impact loading. The equipment consists of input and output bars, with the sample placed between them. An accelerated impactor strikes the input bar, transferring its kinetic energy to it. Part of the impactor’s kinetic energy is consumed in the plastic deformation of the sample, and the remainder is transferred to the output bar, which is supported at the end by a flexible block. 


The dynamic mechanical properties are determined from the Hopkinson test through elastic pulses, which are captured by two high-speed strain gauge sensors connected to high-speed electronics. We are proud to have joined the ranks of a few companies worldwide. Many thanks to all designers, application engineers, and programmers. 



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