The LABORTECH company presents the new LabTest x test machine intended for testing plate, rod, type and selection insulators and assemblies in bending. This innovative machine has a maximum test force of 100 kN, a test length of up to 5500 mm and a bending height of up to 2000 mm, which fully complies with IEC 61952, ČSN IEC 383-1, ČSN IEC 1109, ČSN EN 60305, ČSN EN 61109 and IEC 61952 standards.

One of the main advantages of this machine is its working clamping length and bending height, which enables testing of very long insulators and assemblies, which are often used in the energy industry. The machine is equipped with a swinging mechanism that freely copies the bend of the insulator and does not introduce errors into the measurement.

One of the main emphases in the development of this device was safety. The electromechanical testing machine is equipped with a protective safety cover that meets the strict standards ČSN EN ISO 13849-1, ČSN EN ISO 12100 and ČSN EN ISO 14120. Workplace safety is a priority for us, which is why we have carefully ensured that our device provided maximum protection for both the user and the environment.

With this new testing machine from LABORTECH, you can be sure that your testing will be carried out with the highest precision and safety, and that you will fully meet all the requirements of the applicable standards.



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