Pendulum impact tester LabTest CHK 450J series CHK.2

for testing notch toughness according to the Charpy method

The installation of the first machine was carried out last week with the participation of our Malaysian partner Crest Nanosolutions (M) Sdn Bhd. The installation also included professional training of staff to operate and control the machine and the ImpactTest test software.

We are pleased that our company LABORTECH, s.r.o. expands its field of activity to 27 countries around the world.

The basis for the successful implementation of the project was the professional approach and support of our new partner, Crest Nanosolutions (M) Sdn Bhd. This contract laid the foundation for further, we believe successful, mutual cooperation in selling our products in the Malaysian market.

Choosing a future profession is not always  an easy thing to do, especially when you go to primary school and  do not know  much  about  choosing a profession. Young students have the  opportunity to orient themselves in the subject of choosing a profession, and if the opportunity arises, they go directly to visit some of the potentional employers. This  happened in March and the future graduates of the elementary school were welcomed to LABORTECH, where they inspected the production and familiarized themselves with the operation focused  on testing equipment.  It was an interesting novelty  for almost everyone and it  is quite possible that in  the coming years an interested visitor will knock  on  the door of the   company.

On 24.05.2022, the  District  Chamber of Commerce in Opava organized a ceremonial announcement of the  winners of  the 5th year of Mercury Wings 2021. 
My wife and  I  were very pleasantly surprised when Vladan DUŠEK and LABORTECH appeared on the display  when announced in  the  COMPANY OF THE REGION category.
It was really unexpected for me to succeed among so many applicants, and  that’s why I appreciate this award all the more. Behind this success lies  more than 27 years of hard work;
we develop, innovate and produce testing machines, employ  people of various professions in our region,  we present and sell our equipment
in the Czech Republic and abroad.

It is a great success and a beautiful reward for years of honest work, not only for me, but also for all our  employees, who deserve recognition and my great thanks.

I am extremely glad that this award will help TO MAKE LABORTECH  even more visible not only in our region, but also abroad,
and that we can  contribute to spreading positive awareness  of our beautiful country.