Air suspension

What is air suspension? Air suspension is a system in which pneumatic elements are installed instead of standard shock absorbers. Every 18-wheel truck or modern bus is equipped with similar mechanisms … . The LabTest 6.200 series E.3 test machine manufactured by us with the extension of a horizontal controlled axis up to 25 kN and precise proportional pressure control up to 10 bar can simulate the correct operation of the air suspension.

This test system, including test fixtures, makes it possible to test all manufactured air bellows for cars, trucks, the aviation and railway industries for so-called lateral stiffness at low cycle fatigue.

If the air-pneumatic suspension is properly tested, which LABORTECH machines guarantee and works correctly, it is the most commonly used solution for luxury cars, large station wagons and SUVs. Maintaining a constant ground clearance, regardless of load, improves driving characteristics and bump damping comfort.