At the end of 2022, we can boast a beautiful project of the X-RUNNER robotic workplace – LabTest 6.600E.3, which we produced and delivered to our customer within 3 months.

This robotic system boasts two novelties:

It automatically distinguishes different types of samples – flat, segmental and round, on which it performs differential measurement of sample dimensions using an intelligent laser sensor with a repeatability of 0.5 μm. The measurement is compact, accurate and fast unlike mechanical measurement used by other companies.

Using the DOUBLE ONE 1 camera system, which allows to measure the relative elongation of segment samples including their contraction according to a special algorithm. All VIDEO EXTENSOMETER measurements are in accordance with EN ISO 9513.

The robotic workplace system consists of the following parts:

LabTest 6.600 testing machine with hydraulic grip grip

Non-contact sample dimensional measurement system – LME 50

DOUBLE ONE 1 camera systems for measuring proportional elongation and contraction.

Hybrid hydraulic unit of the HAG series with controlled pressure.

FANUC robot with a special gripper for samples up to 50 mm thick.

Container system designed for 112 samples regardless of shape and size.



We are very proud to have been able to deliver the X-RUNNER robotic workstation with innovations for 2023 in such a short time. I would like to thank everyone who participated in this project.

Vladan Dušek – director of LABORTECH.

As part of the demonstration event – a meeting held in our showrooms, we presented to our Polish customers – colleagues from the association “Sekcji Badań Materiałowych Klub POLLAB” and SIMPTEST CERT in cooperation with our Polish representation LABORTECH POLSKA a portfolio of our testing machines, equipment, including news and new trends in testing for 2023.

On Thursday 24.11.2022, one of our regularly held demonstration events took place in our production hall in Budišov nad Budišovkou and headquarters in Opava, but this event was unique not only by the number of test machines that visitors could see, but by its very design. We introduced our guests to projects and innovations in the following areas:

Heavy-duty testing machinesE series and H series.

Camera systemsONE, EOX, ROD and HT extensometers in practice and possibilities of use in tensile, compression, bending and torsional tests.

Impact systems in a modern concept …

Ecological products of LABORTECH and their benefits for customers.

CREEPTest testing machines designed for long-term tests and determination of creep or stress relaxation in material.

X-RUNNER automated robotic test systems in practice …

Modern hardness measurement systems in cooperation with AXIOTEK.

We wanted to present projects that would help our Polish customers – colleagues to improve the production process, increase production potential, reduce the overall energy intensity of machines and reduce the environmental impact in accordance with ISO 14001:2016.

We are very pleased that the participants of the meeting told us during the presentations and shared with their colleagues their positive experience with the acquisition of our testing machines and equipment, which brought them an immediate production as well as financial effect thanks to a quick economic return.

TEAM LABORTECH thanks our Polish colleagues from LABORTECH POLSKA for excellent cooperation !!!