Testing machines for long-term tests CREEPTest

The LABORTECH company offers special testing machines for long-term CREEP TEST tests designed to determine creep or stress relaxation in the material. These machines allow tests to be performed at a constant temperature up to 1600 ° C, where the deformation is recorded at specified time intervals. The constant load of these machines is derived from a lever mechanism and weight, a spring mechanism or a special low-speed AC drive with a long service life.

Creep testing machines, long-term tests creep

All modifications of CREEP test systems manufactured by us are designed so that the customer can fully rely on its function and accuracy with long-term constant loading (material flow) with force or stress, including elongation and at a constant homogeneous temperature in a high-temperature furnace. Intuitive and trouble-free use of test software designed for long-term tests produced by LABORTECH guarantees you a reliable declaration of results even after 100,000 hours of continuous loading.