At our development center, we are constantly working on innovations in the field of mechanical testing automation and their variable solutions. Currently, we are dedicated to developing a robotic workstation for tensile testing, with the possibility of extending it to other units or peripherals within a single workplace. Thanks to our many years of automation experience, we are able to produce more workplaces (eg for tensile tests and impact tests) with the use of one robotic device for maximum productivity and efficiency to reduce the overall cost of production.

The main advantages and features of our robotic workstations:

  • Continuous and safe operation to meet the strictest standards
  • Low operating and maintenance costs including 100% machine load
  • High sampling and sampling speed (depending on test type and material tested)
  • Modular workstation solutions – the possibility of adding new workstations or additional peripherals (eg QR code reader, sample size measurement, notching devices, optical inspection, temperature chamber and many others).
  • Work in manual mode if necessary
  • Variety of sample containers

Robotic work station YELLOW RUNNER for tensile testing

 AZS. 2 – Automated robotic workskations for notch toughness tests

LABORTECH Testing Automats and Automated Systems enable the simplification of the process necessary for quality management systems as the test procedure has been pre-programmed and subjective influences are excluded.

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