Padostroje, zkušební stroje pro rázové zkoušky, příslušenství pro rázové zkoušky

We developed Drop weight testers II. generation

Despite all the complications of the present day, when the whole world is struggling with the adverse conditions of insidious disease, at LABORTECH we try to take advantage of any opportunities to continuously improve our technology development. That’s why we’ve worked on our latest DPFest 600, which is the drop weight tester II. generation of the DP.2 series, which we have implemented a number of new technological designs.

The most fundamental transformation of our Drop weight testers DP.2 series is in the modular design of the machines of this series. Our developers aim to create the machine optimally so that the design of the machine frame itself meets all safety criteria, even in case of possible extension of the machine with other functionalities or accessories such as:

Drop weight tester, Impact testing

In addition to a number of options extending the machine with various functionalities and accessories, we have developed a new, user-friendly and intuitive DropTest software. The machine is also equipped with a device to prevent secondary reflection of the mandrel, so that your measured values are as accurate as possible.

With all our technological advances we always try to increase comfort and efficiency at work, therefore our machines are already with their high rigidity and optimal solution frame machine, ready for higher loads of energy, so that we do not put any limits and obstacles into your testing…

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