Horizontal static testing machines series H. 7 in tensile version up to 20MN are designed for mechanical testing of high-strength tensile materials with abnormal clamping length up to 30 m. This series of machines is characterized by abnormally high rigidity, mechanical resistance and modular design of the frame. These machines are designed for testing construction ropes, textile straps, insulators. The basic equipment of these machines includes a central quiet and economical hydraulic drive of the HAS or HAS-G series with HALT 18 – SIEMENS diagnostics.


Key features of the H.7 series



  • Robust horizontal weld design supported by strength analysis with high rigidity, mechanical resistance and durability.
  • Modular design with the possibility of extending the machine using segments for a clamping length of up to 30 m designed for testing steel wire ropes, textile fasteners, electrical suspension insulators, etc.
  • Powerful compact hydraulic units of the HAS, HAS-G series with a low noise level <65 dB.
  • Diagnostics of the hydraulic unit HALT 18 controlled by TOUCH LCD SIEMENS as standard.
  • The movement of the clamping crossbar is electronically by an AC motor with feed control or mechanically – it always depends on the size of the machine and the type of cross member.
  • Fixing of the clamping crossbar is driven electro – hydraulically or mechanically.
  • The movement of the action crossbar is controlled hydraulically by means of a proportional valve with the possibility of control in a force and position loop.
  • Complete test evaluation and management is provided by Test & Motion material testing software.
  • The H.7 series machines comply with all the above-mentioned EC directives on machinery and equipment and work in accordance with the new safety functions according to EN ISO 13850:2015
  • The load cell working in the accuracy class according to EN ISO 7500-1, ASTM E4 with the possibility of linearization.
  • The machine is controlled by measuring and control electronics of the EDCi series with a sampling frequency of 2.5 or 10 kHz. Analog signal resolution level ± 250,000 divisions 
  • Integration of hydraulic grips with wedge or side pressure, various grips, etc.
  • Highly accurate tests with VIDEO extensometers



VIDEOS of LabTest testing machines series H.7

Electric crossbar displacement at the machine 6.2000H.7

Displacement of the test crossbar by speed-controlled electric drive at the LabTest 6.2000H.7 testing machine.

Breaking steel rope with a diameter of 45 mm

Tensile test of high-strength rope in special grips according to EN 12385-1 + A1.

Mechanical movement and crossbar clamping of the machiner 6.600H.7

Mechanical crossbar movement with mechanical locking – a simple, reliable and accurate system.

Breaking the strap with a load capacity of 20.000 kg

Tensile test of textile lashing devices – lashing straps according to standards EN 1492-1, EN 1492-2 and EN 1492-4.

Change of clamping length for the machine up to 1500kN

Movement of the test crossbar by electric drive with controlled speed and locking on the LabTest 6.1500H.7 testing machine.

Strength analysis of test Grips up to 2MN

Model strength analysis of special grips for testing steel ropes up to 60 mm in diameter.

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