Special Drop weight testers DPFest

DP.2 – Drop weight tester DPFEST up to 250J for plastic tests

Drop weight tester DPFest 250-2 is used for testing the impact resistance of plastic pipes according to DIN UNE EN 744, ISO 3127, EN 1411 and ASTM D2444. The machine has a wide range of test strikers (mandrels) ranging from 0.5 kg / 25 mm diameter to 16 kg / 90 mm diameter. The test set includes a temperature chamber for testing at sub-temperatures of -20 °C.

Main advantages and features:

  • Vertical stand design with damping system.
  • Robust vertical frame with high rigidity and resistance to dynamic interference, durability, suitable ergonomic layout and maintenance-free operation.
  • High operator comfort combined with high-level machine ergonomics thanks to machine control and sample and accessory handling.
  • Automatic lifting of the support according to the required energy, speed or track with precise electronic travel to a defined position by means of an AC servomotor with control, including monitoring of end positions by means of a touch LCD monitor.
  • Certified safety circuit system according to TÜV with safety control and monitoring.
  • Protective safety cover made of ITEM profiles and polycarbonate with high safety EN ISO 13849-1.
  • Possibility of expanding the machine with various strikers, mandrels, clamping fixtures, temperature chambers, robotic workplaces, etc.
  • Integrated shock absorbers as standard.



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  • DIN UNE EN 744
  • ISO 3127
  • EN 1411
  • ASTM D2444