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Modification of pendulum impact testers series CHK up to 450J


Our strength lies in ingenuity, passion and individual approach to each project. We have demonstrated all this with the modification of our CHK series of pendulum impact testers with a nominal energy rating up to 450J, where we have, with our development team, reduced the weight significantly, customized  the material typology and the dimensions in order to offer our customers a tailor-made solution.

Our series CHK 450J pendulum impact testers, due to their accuracy, reliability, ergonomics and originality, are among the world’s leading technology in the field of impact tests by the methods Charpy, IZOD, Dynstat, Brugger and Tensile impact tests according to EN, ISO, ASTM, DIN and GOST .

The pendulum impact testers are manufactured in a number of modifications and are designed to be fully compliant with the operator of the machine in conjunction with an integrated touchscreen LCD monitor and a PC with IMPACTTest software.

Main Benefits and Features of CHK 450J Shock Hammers:

  • Pendulum impact tester modification with INSTRUMENTATION according to EN ISO 14556 and ADJUSTABLE ANGLE.
  • An LCD monitor integrated into the machine frame with full PC and IMPACTTest software
  • Automatic detection of the used hammer and test striker associated with rapid replacement.
  • High stiffness and mechanical shock resistance combined with high level ergonomics
  • Specimen breaking within 5 seconds after removal from the refrigerant according to EN ISO 148-1 and ASTM E 23
  • Automatic testing arm lift within 5 seconds with electronic travel to the basic position.
  • Tunnel for automatic removal of specimens with high efficiency up to 95%
  • Protective safety cover made of ITEM profiles and polycarbonate with high safety EN ISO 13849-1 / 2
  • Possibility to add different temperature chambers, robotic workplaces, a concrete base, etc.

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