The conference of Czech and Slovak testing laboratories with LABORTECH participation!

At the end of September, an annual meeting of representatives of Czech and Slovak laboratories took place and LABORTECH was there! Our colleagues exchanged knowledge with the representatives of Czech and Slovak testing laboratories on the topics “Testing innovations”.

During the presentation of the company, we introduced our innovative approaches and methods in the field of mechanical testing applied to many of our realized projects. Our innovations and approaches have always been based on partial factors, namely increasing productivity and efficiency during the testing process and reducing total costs and energy consumption.

The conference participants were able to learn about our intelligent hydraulic units, which reduce overall energy consumption, noise during testing, as well as a semi-automatic workplace for assembly of shock absorbers, which combined more work into one unit, thus increasing production by up to 300 % and reduced the total cost by 70%, or our impact test center, which is able to dent the U or V of the sample, visually inspect it and then break through with our CHK impact hammer within 40 seconds.


Servo-hydraulic dynamic Biaxial cruciform testing machines LabTest 6.250H.11

Our Dynamic Servo-hydraulic systems are the driving engine of any laboratory. They can perform a wide variety of low and high cycles of fatigue, crack propagation, fracture toughness and other dynamic tests. Each system can be easily configured using a suitable frame, a hydraulic cylinder and a hydraulic drive to suit the particular application.

We are currently working on a project of manufacturing a Biaxial cruciform testing machine for mechanical testing of wings, propellers and fuselage parts in the aerospace industry, which we realize for our foreign customer. Machines of a similar type are also used in the automotive, electrical, paper, textile and medical industries.

Biaxial machines are characterized by multi-axis loading of components and sequential parts, which in the area of development serve to determine the deformation properties of materials. They also allow analysis of the behavior of the test substance under the conditions of: gradual loading, long-term cyclic loading, pseudo-rotational loading, stress concentration generation, fatigue testing.

In our Biaxial Testing Machines, we have implemented several innovative features:

  • 95% vibration damping efficiency of the pneumatic system, which does not adversely affect any other test areas or workplaces.
  • Reduced total energy consumption thanks to our modified Hydraulic Power Units.
  • More effective safety precautions thanks to the telescopic protective slide.
  • Test frame characterized by extremely high stiffness and self-resonance suppression with long life and mechanical resistance. Especially high axial and lateral stiffness.

If you would like to learn more about our biaxial machines or realize other projects, do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly discuss with you the possibilities of realizing your projects.

Dynamic testing machine - servo-hydraulic Biaxil testing machinec


At our development center, we are constantly working on innovations in the field of mechanical testing automation and their variable solutions. Currently, we are dedicated to developing a robotic workstation for tensile testing, with the possibility of extending it to other units or peripherals within a single workplace. Thanks to our many years of automation experience, we are able to produce more workplaces (eg for tensile tests and impact tests) with the use of one robotic device for maximum productivity and efficiency to reduce the overall cost of production.

The main advantages and features of our robotic workstations:

  • Continuous and safe operation to meet the strictest standards
  • Low operating and maintenance costs including 100% machine load
  • High sampling and sampling speed (depending on test type and material tested)
  • Modular workstation solutions – the possibility of adding new workstations or additional peripherals (eg QR code reader, sample size measurement, notching devices, optical inspection, temperature chamber and many others).
  • Work in manual mode if necessary
  • Variety of sample containers

Robotic work station YELLOW RUNNER for tensile testing

 AZS. 2 – Automated robotic workskations for notch toughness tests

LABORTECH Testing Automats and Automated Systems enable the simplification of the process necessary for quality management systems as the test procedure has been pre-programmed and subjective influences are excluded.

Our sales representatives can advise you and suggest the best solution to your requirements.

Golem´s teeth in action: tearing cans and biting coins

On the day exactly, five years since his dad’s passing, René Richter prepared five attempts to break world records. However, due to the slope of the floor in the hall in Budišov nad Budišovkou, he did just three.

“Today it will be about the bite!”, said the forty-four-year-old strongman from Hlavnice near Opava called Golem at LaborTech company headquarters. He took pride in the fact that in the US, Staley’s Super Humans TV show had seen his teeth grip “stronger than the alligator” some time ago.

The last time he visited at the dentist was in the first year of his training as a cook many years ago, but even so, in 51:13 seconds, he managed to lift five 1-metre-long concrete curbs, each weighing 82 kilograms. And his coach, Jiří Týn, was hammering them. He smashed four = a record!

“I don’t feel pain. But I brush my teeth regularly and properly, I have a wife, I don’t want her to run away from me…”, said Golem, whose advertising of Viking’s healthy teeth is also remembered in Sweden. He pulled a tram in Stockholm with his own teeth back then.

The second Budišov record was to grind five 2€ coins in 56:20 seconds. He pressed out the outer ring from the inner fillings. “Here’s the hard currency. Euros tend to break, while Czech 50s are softer and rather bend”, he said.


Golem described his abilities as “a gift from God.” He started to entertain himself with power performances more than twenty years ago; during that time he became quite established in the Guinness Book of Records. “I practice and eat …” said the strongman working as a chef at the Relax Boarding House in Podlesí.

As the third record, he planned to bite beer cans in two pieces. “I have respect, but I want to manage that,” he said before the most impressive number. He ripped the aluminium containers like a machine and he destroyed thirty-one within 56 seconds. He cut his mouth just a little.

“I planned it as my dad’s memorial, who supported me vastly and left us forever five years ago,” Golem explained. He has already sent video recordings and witness signatures to the World Record Company for recognition.

However, both pulling of a fifteen-ton truck in the teeth for five meters and an attempt to carry the same colossus in a way of arm wrestling style did not take place. “There is no flat floor,” said the strongman, who moved the truck at least a little as a training and for the amusement of the onlookers.


CONGRATULATIONS to René GOLEM for achieving 3 world records!



Also this year we are looking forward to seeing you at the biggest engineering celebration of the year!

From May 7 to 10, 2019, you will find us at the international engineering fair STUTTGART CONTROL 2019. This event will be held as the 33rd year of the trade fair and we have not been idle this year either. We are preparing something brand new and BIG.

This year, we have decided to go a different way in our presentation and we will introduce our testing systems using the latest technologies with a 3D holographic projection! Furthermore, we will introduce our new corporate video, but we will not reveal more to you yet, just come and have a look. Our team is looking forward to meeting you and will be ready to present our product portfolio.

You will find us in hall 4, booth 4218.


We are LABORTECH – The unique Czech manufacturer of testing equipment and automation for almost 25 years.

In connection with our recent launch of our new websites, we have decided that will offer our instrumented pendulum impact testers series CHK.2 up to 450J for a special price equalling the basic machine. When you buy our instrumented pendulums LABTEST CHK 450J-I and LABTEST CHK 450J-IA you will get an above-standard machine for a price of a basic one. And what is the advantage of the instrumentation of our pendulum impact testers against the non-instrumented ones?


  1. GRAPHIC TEST PROCESSING – IMPACTTest software displaying of the graphical test course curve in dependence of force, timeSoftware Impact test or deformation
  2. DETAILED ANALYSIS OF VALUES – beside of standard characteristic of force values (Fgy, Fm, Fiu, Fa also a detailed analysis of the characteristic values of the deflection quantities (Sgy, Sm, Siu, Sa, St) and values of impact work (Wm, Wiu, Wa, Wt)
  3. INTEGRAL ENERGY CALCULATION – option of more accurate integral calculation of the integral energy calculation from the area under the curve then it is for the non-instrumented version coming from the angle calculation.


Last week, our demonstration event took place in Christmas spirit where we introduced our new products to our customers and partners in thematic presentations and practical demonstrations.

Participants in the event could learn about our new contactless extensometer, which they subsequently saw in action, also gained an overview of and current approach to Constant Deformation Testing, and last but not least, they saw practical tests on our standard and non-standard machines from our showroom.

We are delighted that our organized promotion events are becoming more and more popular with our customers and partners and we will be preparing thematic events further for the next year. We will also be ready for your individual queries and solutions for future projects.

See you again in 2019

100th Anniversary of the Czechoslovak State…

… is the anniversary of Czech material testing …

On October 28, we all celebrate the long-awaited 100th anniversary of the Independent Czechoslovak State, and we from LABORTECH s.r.o. do not want to miss this event. We would like to recall and highlight not only the feelings of national pride to be Czech from the very beginning of the state, but also the actual development and the context in the field of material engineering and mechanical testing.

During the so-called First Republic and especially around 1924, the process of industrialization in the newly established Czechoslovakia was in the biggest boom in the textile, shoemaking, glass, armament and railway industries. At this time, there have also been developments and discoveries in mechanical testing of materials such as material hardness measurement (L. Smith and George E. Sandland) or the creation of so-called Creep tests – long-term loading of materials, e.g. under different temperature conditions and, of course, strong development of Charpy impact tests.

Thanks to these discoveries, mainly from Western Europe and the United States, and where companies producing test machines specializing in these types of tests were established, then the Czechoslovak companies could start their own development activities in the respective industrial segments and in the 1920s also gave rise to the first research and testing institutes in Czechoslovakia, dealing with, for example, testing of materials and building structures.

During the Second World War, virtually all Czechoslovak industry and mechanical tests connected with it, especially those in tension, pressure, torsion and bending, were modified for the needs of the military industry. A significant development of pendulum impact testers and associated tests were also applied extensively on the heavy military equipment.

After the Second World War, the so-called universal testing machines, which have been modified for testing of plastic materials and modified to electro-mechanical testing machines, have been marked by considerable development.

Since the 1970s and 1980s, the test systems, especially test lines, have passed the automation of the test process, which twenty years later has shifted to fully automated or robotic test units.

So in a very short overview, we have provided you with information about the 100 years of Czech testing, which also gave us the opportunity to set up our company, which is the only Czech developer and manufacturer of test technology and automation.

  In our work, we feel the legacy of our ancestors and at the same time the degree of accountability for their knowledge as we continue to develop and expand new ideas that will serve the next generations, so that they too can be proud of what we have done…

                                   LABORTECH s.r.o.

rázová kladiva, charpyho kladiva

Modification of pendulum impact testers series CHK up to 450J


Our strength lies in ingenuity, passion and individual approach to each project. We have demonstrated all this with the modification of our CHK series of pendulum impact testers with a nominal energy rating up to 450J, where we have, with our development team, reduced the weight significantly, customized  the material typology and the dimensions in order to offer our customers a tailor-made solution.

Our series CHK 450J pendulum impact testers, due to their accuracy, reliability, ergonomics and originality, are among the world’s leading technology in the field of impact tests by the methods Charpy, IZOD, Dynstat, Brugger and Tensile impact tests according to EN, ISO, ASTM, DIN and GOST .

The pendulum impact testers are manufactured in a number of modifications and are designed to be fully compliant with the operator of the machine in conjunction with an integrated touchscreen LCD monitor and a PC with IMPACTTest software.

Main Benefits and Features of CHK 450J Shock Hammers:

  • Pendulum impact tester modification with INSTRUMENTATION according to EN ISO 14556 and ADJUSTABLE ANGLE.
  • An LCD monitor integrated into the machine frame with full PC and IMPACTTest software
  • Automatic detection of the used hammer and test striker associated with rapid replacement.
  • High stiffness and mechanical shock resistance combined with high level ergonomics
  • Specimen breaking within 5 seconds after removal from the refrigerant according to EN ISO 148-1 and ASTM E 23
  • Automatic testing arm lift within 5 seconds with electronic travel to the basic position.
  • Tunnel for automatic removal of specimens with high efficiency up to 95%
  • Protective safety cover made of ITEM profiles and polycarbonate with high safety EN ISO 13849-1 / 2
  • Possibility to add different temperature chambers, robotic workplaces, a concrete base, etc.

LABORTECH s.r.o. … from development to implementation …