LABORTECH at the conference of Czech and Slovakia testing laboratories

The conference of Czech and Slovak testing laboratories with LABORTECH participation!

At the end of September, an annual meeting of representatives of Czech and Slovak laboratories took place and LABORTECH was there! Our colleagues exchanged knowledge with the representatives of Czech and Slovak testing laboratories on the topics “Testing innovations”.

During the presentation of the company, we introduced our innovative approaches and methods in the field of mechanical testing applied to many of our realized projects. Our innovations and approaches have always been based on partial factors, namely increasing productivity and efficiency during the testing process and reducing total costs and energy consumption.

The conference participants were able to learn about our intelligent hydraulic units, which reduce overall energy consumption, noise during testing, as well as a semi-automatic workplace for assembly of shock absorbers, which combined more work into one unit, thus increasing production by up to 300 % and reduced the total cost by 70%, or our impact test center, which is able to dent the U or V of the sample, visually inspect it and then break through with our CHK impact hammer within 40 seconds.


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