Technical standards ČSN, EN, ISO, DIN

Standards facilitate communication between individual entities in the industry, increase the quality and safety of products and services…

Standards play a key role in the world of industry and technology. They are documents that define requirements for products, processes or services for a specific purpose of use. Their main goal is to ensure quality, safety, interchangeability and protection of health and the environment. Thus, technical standards are a kind of guide that directs production and provides clear rules for its implementation.

These standards deal with a wide range of aspects such as product quality, test procedures, dimensions, marking, nomenclature, occupational safety, fire protection and ecology. Thanks to them, the products are uniform, reliable and safe.

The current trend is towards the harmonization of national standards with European standards. Members of the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) are obliged to adopt European standards into their national systems. This leads to unification of technical standards within the EU and facilitates trade and cooperation between member states.