LABORTECH is a Czech company which has been involved on the European and worldwide market for almost 25 years by manufacturing of testing machines, testing equipment and testing automatons. Thanks to our own innovative development of products, extensive product portfolio and especially superior services of our application engineers, we provide our customers with complete services.

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Testing systems

We are committed to delivering modern technical and technological solutions supported by all necessary customer services in the materials testing industry. Our dealers and application technicians will be happy to advise you on how to choose the right machine that suits your requirements and needs.

Static electromechanical testing machines

Static servo-hydraulic testing machines

Long-term tests CREEP

AUTOMOTIVE testing machines

Torsional testing systems

Testing accessories

In addition to testing machines, LABORTECH offers a myriad of different accessories and gadgets to extend the quality of the test itself. Thanks to years of experience and know-how of LABORTECH, this accessory is developed and manufactured in the highest quality.

Clamping, compression and centring fixtures

Cooling temperature chambers for specimen cooling

Cooling temperature chambers for specimen cooling

Automatization of testing machines

Notch broaching machine

Optical check OptoLab 55 II

Testing software

For all types of tests we have appropriate software. The range of our test software covers all areas of mechanical properties of materials testing, from tensile, compressive, flexural or torsional tests through hardness or impact strength tests, dynamic and cyclical tests to special tests according to customer requirements.

Variable processing of the results for the instrumented notch tougness tests

Standard software

  • Static and dynamic tensile, compression, bending, shear testing – Test&Motion
  • Notch toughness tests for Pendulum impact tester or Charpy hammers – IMPACTTest
  • Software for vertical impact tests of Drop weight testers – DROPTest
  • Torsion tests and assembly correctness inspection in all quadrants types – KMTest
  • Complete material hardness testing  software enables processing of results of Rockwell,Brinell, Vickers and Knoop methods – FESTTest

Variable processing of the results for the instrumented notch tougness tests

Automotive software

  • Torsion tests and assembly correctness inspection in all quadrants types – KMTest
  • 100% inspection and adjustment of complete convex and XTD PKW couplings – EDHXTend
  • software is designed to test the mechanical properties of PKW lamellae and to check the correctness of assembly – ABCControl

Special software

  • Testing software designed for measurement of dynamic rotor balancing in the vertical direction of the rotation axis turbines, brake discs, clutches, lamellae, etc. – BALANCERTest
  • Optical specimen control is used to check the dimensions of specimens designed for impact strength tests at input and output controls – OPTOLab BASIS
  • Software for optical measurement of material mechanical properties via video extensometeres – ALPHA
  • Software enables the control and evaluation of multiple test and assembly workstations at the same time in series assembly procesessMSVTest

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