Optical inspection of sample dimensions – OPTOLab 55 II

Optical inspection of the dimensions of notched toughness samples OPTOLab 55 II generation is used to check the dimensions of samples intended for notched toughness tests at entry and exit inspections, in test rooms and laboratories. The device is suitable for use in quality systems according to ISO 9001: 2009. The device was designed so that in conjunction with the VRE notching device it forms a complete workplace that provides 100% of the sample for notched toughness.


Key features of the OPTOLab 55 II system series


  • Robust vertical table design with high measuring stability and vibration resistance with an ideal ergonomic design.
  • Measurement of dimensions of notched toughness samples accurately, quickly and stably in accordance with EN ISO 148-1, GOST 9457-78, ASTM E 23
  • The test stand includes a special anti-vibration pad that eliminates vibration from the environment and bayonet closure of the work area.
  • The OPTOLab system complies with all the above-mentioned EC directives on machinery operating in accordance with the new safety functions according to EN ISO 13850-SIL 1 / PL.
  • Automatic, accurate, fast and contactless sample measurement within 5 seconds with color optical visualization and report printing.
  • Easy and simple calibration.
  • A special lens allows you to measure samples with a smaller width without the need for adjustments and readjustments.
  • Bottom lightning of samples with scratch protection.
  • System control via touch LCD or keyboard.
  • Integration into software for notched toughness test IMPACT Test.
  • Integration into the X-RUNNER robotic system.


VIDEO of optical inspection of samples

Measurement of dimensions of notched toughness samples

Measurement of dimensions of notched toughness samples accurately, quickly and stably in accordance with EN ISO 148-1, GOST 9457-78, ASTM E 23

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Intuitive software for measuring the dimensions of notched toughness samples…

OPTOLab software is an integral part of the 2nd generation optical inspection supplied by LABORTECH. With this software, you can streamline, refine, and expedite notch toughness sample checks on your EN, ASTM, and GOST tests, and tailor your testing environment to make it easy for operators, regardless of their skills.

     Basic features of OPTOLab – FULL software

  • Simple, inductive and powerful
  • Intuitive control via touch LCD – Touch
  • Fast and rational control of sample dimensions
  • Color identification of individual parameters and samples for CORRECT and WRONG
  • Editable sample types and test standards
  • Calibration and verification according to the calibration sample
  • Automatic evaluation of sample´s dimensions in accordance with EN ISO, ASTM, GOST standards
  • Saving measured data in a database
  • Extensive calibration mode
  • Modifying item names
  • Multilingual version (CZ, EN, PL, RU, DE)
  • Print the report in PDF format
  • Settings of Users list


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