Torsion testing systems


LABORTECH specializes in the development and production of test equipment for performing torsion tests. Thanks to the clear dividing, you can find vertical or horizontal torsion machines in our portfolio with the possibility of measuring torque and angle in I. and II. quadrant or performing torsional fatigue tests when loading specimens and whole products up to a torque of 10,000 Nm. All machines manufactured by us are designed so that the customer can fully rely on its function even when performing more demanding tasks in the field of mechanical testing of materials

The LABORTECH company offers a wide range of accessories for testing machines, which can be easily retrofitted with the offered equipment. Intuitive and trouble-free use of test software designed for torque tests produced by LABORTECH guarantees you a reliable declaration of results even in the most demanding conditions.

Vertical angular torsion series KM.1 – up to 5000Nm

Horizontal angular torsion series KM.2 – up to 10000Nm

Vertical rotary torsion series KM.3 – up to 1000Nm

Horizontal rotary torsion series KM.4 – up to 5000Nm