KM.1 – Vertical angular torsion series up to 5000Nm

Electromechanical vertical torsion testing machines of the KM.1 series in a stand design up to 5000 Nm, which are primarily intended for measuring torque and friction torque, including the angle of rotation of both parts and entire products with the possibility of performing these tests over “0”. research and development, routine quality control in laboratories and operations, but also for assembly and testing semi-automatic lines. LABORTECH machines are characterized by very high rigidity of the test frame, speed and accuracy of measurement in semi-automatic mode.


General key features of the KM.1 series

  • Robust vertical stand modular design with mechanical resistance and durability.
  • Abnormally high rigidity and mechanical resistance of the machine combined with ergonomics at a high level.
  • Integrated torsion mechanism at the top or bottom of the machine – depending on application.
  • Quiet and precise AC servo drive with cycloidal gearbox with low noise and high angular resolution and max. Angular rotation ± 180 °.
  • The KM series machines comply with all the above-mentioned EC directives on machinery and equipment and work in accordance with the new safety functions according to EN ISO 13850-SIL 1 / PL.
  • Torque sensors working in accuracy class according to EN ISO 7500-1, ASTM E4 incl. linearization.
  • The machine is controlled by measuring and control electronics of the EDCi series with a sampling frequency of 2.5 or 10 kHz. Analog signal resolution level ± 250,000 divisions (20 ms).
  • Protective safety covers made of ITEM profiles and polycarbonate with high safety EN ISO 13849-1 / 2 or safety barrier.
  • Possibility to control and set the machine using a touch LCD monitor.
  • Complete evaluation and test control software for testing materials in torsion – KMTest.
  • Wide range of accessories – test mandrels, fixtures, holders, chucks, etc.


VIDEOS on KMTest testing machines of the KM.1 series

Comprehensive testing of two-state flywheels

Evaluation of friction, end torque and angle in tension and pressure, definition of tolerance bands, max. Torsional moment ± 2000Nm, angle of rotation ± 20 °

Comprehensive testing of torsion dampers of passenger cars

Friction and torque friction evaluation, damper rotation angle measurement, max. Torsional torque ± 5000Nm, rotation angle ± 20 °

Measurement of the torsional characteristics of the PKW lamella

Vertical angular torsion testing machine for measuring the rotation of the slats, in front of the damper and the main damper, max. Torque ± 500Nm and with angular rotation ± 150 °

Measurement of torsion characteristics of PKW converter

Vertical angular torsion testing machine with a maximum torsional torque of ± 500 Nm and with an angular rotation of ± 25 °.


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KMTest – BASIC software

Intuitive software for measuring torque, angle and torsional fatigue tests

KMTest – BASIC – intelligent, intuitive and powerful software that will help you increase productivity and quality of testing in your test rooms and testing laboratories. You can streamline , refine, and accelerate your testing and adapt your testing environment to make it easy for operators to measure quadrant I and II quadrants and angles, or perform torsional fatigue tests depending on sample stresses and entire standards-supported products. EN, ISO, DIN, ASTM and GOST.

Basic features of KMTest – BASIC software

  • Intelligent, intuitive and powerful software designed to measure torque and angle in quadrants I and II or perform torsional fatigue tests depending on the number of revolutions
  • Unlimited number of test methods, modular system of libraries designed for standardized tests, easy orientation in pre-selected definitions with visualization of jigs – mandrels, clamps, settling frames, etc.
  • Editable sample types and test standards, including item name modification.
  • Digital display of all current values.
  • Saving of measured data in a database with the possibility of filtering according to definition, order, data, etc.
  • Easy switching between operation, database settings and user.
  • Easy definition setting according to the selected module.
  • Accurate machine status information and error messages.
  • Statistical evaluation of data and graphs, extensive selection of statistical methods.
  • Torque correction according to reference samples.
  • Multilingual version (CZ, EN, POL, RU, ESP etc.)
  • Print the report in PDF format.
  • Data export to CSV – BASIS, or to MYSQL and MS SQL.
  • Unlimited time license.
  • Installation on any computer without using a license, etc.
  • Setting user rights, operator login.