Systems for hardness testing

The company’s production program includes a portfolio of instrumented and non-instrumented hardness testers designed to test metals, plastics, rubbers and other materials according to valid global standards such as ASTM, DIN-ISO, EN, and GOST standards.

Our application and testing technicians use direct and indirect procedures to verify compliance with standards. Every model produced by us is controlled by a PC and can be complemented by a wide range of calibration plates, intrusion-proof bodies – identors and optic devices in line with ISO and ASTM standards.

Automatic hardness testing line

The intuitive and seamless use of the test software for hardness measurement FESTTest v3.xx guarantees a reliable and automatic injection evaluation, saving of results to a database, displaying of the hardness course, including connection of your corporate network, etc.

Based on our many years of experience, we have developed a comprehensive range of hardness testers characterized by a quiet motorized system with high accuracy of loading and automatic injection evaluation. When developing our new products, we place great emphasis not only on quality, design and affordability, but also on minimal environmental burden and EKODESIGN. Thanks to the close collaboration of designers, application technicians and programmers with our customers, we are able to create individual solutions for special applications, from manual and standard hardness testers to fully automated hardness testing systems or fully functional prototypes.