Pendulum impact testers CHK1 – to 50J

Impact hammers of the CHK series. 1 in a table-top design with a nominal energy of up to 50J, thanks to its accuracy, reliability, ergonomic layout and originality, it is among the world leaders in the field of impact tests. Impact hammers up to 50J are designed to ergonomically and functionally suit the operator in connection with the table. The unique concept of integrating a touch LCD monitor with a full-fledged PC including IMPACTTest software.

Hlavní výhody a vlastnosti:

    • Integrated LCD monitor into the machine frame with a full-fledged PC and IMPACTTest software
    • Automatic detection of used ram and test blade combined with quick exchange.
    • Impact hammer modification with INSTRUMENTATION
    • High rigidity and mechanical impact resistance of the machine combined with ergonomics at a high level
    • Electromagnetic clutch working without wear in combination with a silent and precise drive
    • Protective safety cover made of ITEM profiles and polycarbonate with high security
    • The possibility of controlling a machine (using various test methods), a temperature chamber, a robotic workplace, etc.


Pendulum impact tester
Charpy hammer


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