Cooling of notched toughness samples – LAB Cool 21

The new cooling chambers of the LABCool series are used as accessories before the actual testing process, in machines for impact testing, where they are used to temper test specimens in negative and positive temperatures using a liquid medium. The device is suitable for use in quality systems according to ISO 9001: 2016 and ISO 14001: 2016


Key features of the LABCool 21 system


  • Table stainless steel design with high temperature stability and ideal ergonomic design.
  • Ensuring temperature cooling homogeneity in the range -80 ° C to +20 ° C and in accordance with EN ISO 148-1, GOST 9457-78, ASTM E 23
  • Tank volume 8 l with the possibility of cooling up to 91 samples at once.
  • The LABCool system complies with all the above-mentioned EC directives on machinery operating in accordance with the new safety functions according to EN ISO 13850-SIL 1 / PL.
  • New touch LCD control system SIEMENS with the possibility of control via PC, including temperature data output.
  • Use of ecological refrigerant R449A / R170 – complying with European legislation (EU) 517/2014.
  • The device is suitable for use in quality systems according to ISO 9001:2016 and ISO 14001:2016
  • Integration into software for notched toughness test IMPACT Test.
  • Possibility of extend with an ergonomic mobile table with a sample container for easy handling and storage of samples.


VIDEO cooling of notched toughness samples in LABCool 21

Cooling of notched toughness samples

Cooling of notched toughness samples accurately, quickly and stably in accordance with EN ISO 148-1, GOST 9457-78, ASTM E 23

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LABCool Software

Intuitive software for simple and efficient cooling operation

LabCool’s intuitive and simple software integrated in LABORTECH cooling chambers will help you increase comfort and quality with cooling of samples for notched toughness tests in your test rooms and test laboratories. You can streamline, refine and speed up the performance of your tests and adapt your testing environment to make it easy for operators to measure the mechanical properties of materials during impact tests.

Basic features of LABCool software

  • Simple, inductive and powerful
  • Intuitive control via touch LCD – Touch
  • Set Point – setting the required temperature to 1 decimal place
  • Process Value – check the current temperature to 1 decimal place
  • Online display of the temperature profile over time Indication of cooling on and off
  • Indication of error messages and messages about the ongoing status of the machine
  • Percentage display of heating intensity in%
  • Audible indication of reaching the desired temperature
  • Cooling bath quality control
  • Precise setting of PID controllers and temperature corrections
  • Setting user rights, operator login
  • Possibility of cooperation with the X-RUNNER system
  • Automatický export dat
  • Language mutations (Cs, En, De, Fr, Pl, It, Ru etc.)


Technical data of the LAB Cool 21 cooling system

… Ecology and performance come first…


LABCool 21 cooling process

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