Machine LabTest TWS 300-12 from LABORTECH for tram wheelsets

LabTest TWS 300-12 – machine for pressing and disassembly of wheelsets for trams from LABORTECH is a special device that allows safely, efficiently, accurately and controlled disassembly and assembly of double wheels to perform the necessary maintenance work. This machine is a key tool for tram operators and workshops dealing with the maintenance and repair of trams.

Accurate measurement, control of pressing and pulling forces including tightening torque and runout measurement on tram wheelsets are important aspects in the operation and maintenance of trams and rolling stock.

Measurement and control of pressing / pulling force and moment of tightening of wheelsets

 Wheelset runout measurement

All accurate measurements on a tram wheelset with the LabTest TWS 300-12 are crucial to ensure safe, efficient and reliable operation of trams and rolling stock. Monitoring and setting of these parameters via PC and touch monitor allows quick response to potential setup problems and improves the overall safety and performance of the tram system.

LabTest TWS 300-12 – VIDEO 



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