LABORTECH shone in the running race “Opava mile 2023”

Opava, September 5, 2023 – The “Opava Mile” running race has seen exciting moments when LABORTECH joined the competition to show its strength on this track. And not only that – LABORTECH managed to win this prestigious running race!

The LABORTECH team participated in the race with great enthusiasm and determination and achieved excellent results. Our runners showed not only their physical readiness, but also team spirit and competitiveness, which led to their victory in this year’s “Opava Mile” among companies.

LABORTECH employees were excited about this win and their representatives expressed their joy. “We are proud of our teams that participated in this running race and achieved such an excellent result,” said Vladan Dušek, director of LABORTECH. “This victory motivates us to further promote a healthy lifestyle and teamwork.”

“The ‘Opava Mile’ running race was a great way to enjoy a sporting event and at the same time strengthen the company’s team spirit,” he added. “We are delighted to have been able to take part in this event and look forward to further sporting challenges.” LABORTECH’s victory in this race is another example of how sport can bring people together and bring joy.

Congratulations to all participants for this excellent result at the running race “Opava Mile 2023”!


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