Impact testing center – testing has never been easier

rázové kladivo, charpyho kladivo, příprava vzorku pro charpy, optická kontrola, rázové zkoušky

Thanks to our impact testing center, your testing will become a highly effective and time-saving matter.

The perfect ergonomic design and software interoperability of our devices ensures a comfortable and fast execution of the entire test process.The testing center consists of a device for forming V and U grooves – Notching machine VRE, device for Optical specimes check – OPTOLab 55 II and Pendulum impact tester CHK with nominal energy up to 750J.

The entire testing process takes no more than 40 seconds…

  • Sample preparation
  • Sample optical check
  • Impact test
Pendulum impact tester, Charpy hammer, Optical sample check, Notching machine, sample preparing

Impact testing center


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