This year it is 25 years since the company was founded!



Dear customers, business partners, suppliers and friends of LABORTECH,

This year it is an incredible 25 years when the idea was born of a handful of enthusiastic people to dedicate their lives to test machines. From its original service and trading company, LABORTECH is now the only manufacturer of material destructive testing machines in Central and Eastern Europe, which has also earned a strong position on the world market and which is also boldly engaged in development activities.

The beginnings were not easy…

25 years ago, at a time when new scientific and technological approaches in the field of material engineering arose in our country, few of us could imagine a purely Czech manufacturing company focused on the production of machines for mechanical testing of materials, because at that time: “Competitive companies from Western countries have a long tradition against of us , but with greater motivation and enthusiasm, we set about fulfilling our dreams to start developing and producing our own machines.” – remebering company director Vladan Dušek.

In the words of Vladan Dušek Like any new company entering the market, where foreign competition has been firmly rooted for many years, we had to spend a lot of energy and time to eventually earn our place. It has helped us, I dare say, good preparedness and excellent knowledge of our competitors also knowledge of weak spots our compettitors.”  We are also grateful, for example, for our long-standing customers to support a purely Czech company, for which we were able to provide above-standard services and original solutions that our competitors were unable to offer in proportion: price /delivery time /originality in the solutions.

Our old showroom in 1998-1999

Our assembly room in 1998-1999

Our perservance paid off…

Since the very foundation of our company, we have emphasized close cooperation with our customers in the implementation of all projects, we provide support at the very beginning of the project and many years after it. That is why they like to come back to us with other projects. We know that this was one of the key factors in our success, in which we continue to do so today. 

 Thanks to our perseverance we have gained a strong position on the domestic market and our ambitions and interest began to turn to foreign markets, which was for us a completely new and unknown step, and as it turned out after several years, also a key and successful step. We have built a number of successful business relationships that have also expanded our product portfolio and ranked among the world leaders meeting even the most demanding requirements of our customers from more than 20 industries and scientific institutions.

Our showroom in 2019 – 2020

LABORTECH manufacturing hall in 2019 – 2020

 LABORTECH for the next 25 years?

“I think that over the last 10 years we have made tremendous progress in our development program, in improving customer and business partner services , but also in internal processes and systems. We want to continue working on all this and other things and expand our activities and horizons in new markets. I imagine LABORTECH for the next 25 years as a firm that is fully established on world markets and breaks down the general myth that multinational corporations , with a history of more than 100 years and many thousands of employees, must automatically be the best guarantee of quality and technological progress and vice versa it will prove that even smaller companies from seemingly insignificant countries can deliver cutting-edge technology solutions and modern approaches to the material engineering world.” – Vladan Dušek, Company Director             

We would like to thank all our customers, business partners, suppliers and friends of LABORTECH for 25 years with us…



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