SS.1 – LabTest MPT 1500-PA –The semi-automatic workplace of assembly and testing of drawbars

The semi-automatic workplace of the drawbar assembly works on the principle of a carousel with four workplaces (positions). Each of these workplaces is clearly defined, namely: assembly workplace 1, assembly and adjustment workplace 2, test site and unloading station. Using the touchscreen LCD monitor in conjunction with the MSVTest v.1 test software, the machine can fully assembled and measure the pulling device. A semiautomatic workplace is a balancer that handles pulls and loads. The device is fit for use in ISO 9001: 2009 quality systems

Main description and advantages:

    • 100% drawbar assembly and 100% maximum load testing
    • Installation – assembly hall, manual loading, automatic testing, rotation
    • Maximum test force 300 kN – assembly, test force 1500 kN
    • Taktzeit – 100pcs / shift
    • Workplace type – 4-seat carousel table controlled by AC servomotor and HA
    • Accuracy of force measurement according to EN ISO 7500-1
    • Operation via touch screen LCD
    • MSVTest Software


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