SS.3 – Testing machine for Jominy End-Quench Test

AQUATest 642 is a testing machine for testing hardenability of testing specimens according to norm EN ISO 642. The testing equipment AQUATest 642 consists of 3 testing positions, which allow an impact of a water stream on the hardened frontal surface of test specimens. The test machine is composed of stainless steel bathtubs, where a water column is regulated continuously, with a quick tap and feedback water regulation. The entire system is controlled from a master PLC with touch LCD panel with covering IP 64, which monitors the individual flow sensors, water temperature, water level gauges and also heating of the medium.

Main advantages and features:

  • High rigidity of the machine resistant to rusting
  • A pumps providing a constant supply of H2O
  • Easy and intuitive machine control
  • Stainless steel design
  • The highest possible precision of mechanical processing
  • Welded stainless construction of the equipment from item profiles
  • 3 independent quenching boxes
  • All machine control is provided from the LCD touch panel
  • Stable temperature sensor
  • Possibility of setting the time of quenching for individual hardening sets


zkušební stroje, zkouška prokalitelnosti, Jominiho zkouška


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