Horizontal balancing machines VSTest by LABORTECH are designed for dynamic balancing of rotors in the horizontal direction of the rotation axis. Thanks to a large portfolio of products, we offer horizontal balancing machines for different sizes and weights of balancing items, with different balancing adjustments. For these machines, cardan, belt or custom drive can be used. These machines are manufactured in several modifications and are designed to be fully cooperative with the operator of the machine in conjunction with the integrated touch screen LCD monitor and a fully-fledged PC with BALANCERTest software.

Main advantages and features:

  • Balancing in 2 planes
  • Robust horizontal frame with high stiffness and resistance to dynamic interference, durability, suitable ergonomic layout and maintenance-free operation.
  • VSTest balancing machines are equipped with piezoelectric load sensors that allow direct, immobile measurement of centrifugal force (imbalance).
  • High security safety cover according to ISO 7475 Class A to D
  • Modular machine design – machine variants with various corrections of imbalance and manipulation.
  • Field of application: rotors, crankshafts, tool spindles, blowers, etc.
  • Clamping of balancing parts: cardan or pneumatic clamping (depends on machine type)
  • Machine calibration in accordance with ISO 21940-21
  • Control of the machine via touch screen LCD and PC with BALANCERTest – BASIS software in the base of the machine.

Dynamic balancing machine


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