LABORTECH s.r.o. concluded its first strategic agreement with the Czech Metrology Institute (ČMI) for the production, calibration, and servicing of measuring and testing instruments as early as 1995. This agreement is regularly updated and is based on Act No. 505/1990 Coll., strengthening LABORTECH’s position as a leading manufacturer of quality and reliable testing machinery and equipment.

Metrology, the science of measurement, plays a crucial role in modern industry. Accurate and reliable measurement is essential to ensure the quality of products and processes in various sectors. In accordance with metrology legislation, it is necessary for measuring devices to meet strict standards and be regularly calibrated and maintained.

Thanks to the agreement with the Czech Metrology Institute, LABORTECH has access to the latest information and technologies in the field of metrology. This enables the company to manufacture measuring instruments that meet the highest standards and market requirements. Additionally, LABORTECH is capable of providing comprehensive calibration and servicing services, which are essential for maintaining the accuracy and reliability of measuring devices.

Commitment to quality and accuracy

Collaboration with the Czech Metrology Institute enhances customers’ trust in LABORTECH’s products and services. Certifications and calibrations conducted under the supervision of this reputable institute guarantee that measuring equipment meets the highest standards of precision and reliability.

Overall, this agreement confirms LABORTECH’s commitment to providing quality testing machinery, equipment, and services that contribute to the efficiency, reliability, and competitiveness of industrial enterprises in the Czech Republic and around the world.