LABORTECH proudly holds certification according to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, which is evidence of its commitment to quality and environmental protection. These certifications not only confirm the high level of the company’s managerial procedures and processes but also demonstrate a meticulous approach to sustainable operations and responsible business practices.

ISO 9001: Quality Assurance

ISO 9001 certification is an internationally recognized standard for quality management systems. To obtain this certification, a company must demonstrate the ability to deliver products and services that meet customer requirements and relevant legislation. This includes continuous monitoring and improvement of processes to ensure ongoing quality and customer satisfaction.

LABORTECH, holder of ISO 9001 certification, continually strives to enhance its procedures and processes to provide customers with top-notch products and services. This certification is a guarantee to customers that LABORTECH adheres to the highest quality standards and actively seeks continuous improvement in its services.

ISO 14001: Environmental Responsibility

ISO 14001 certification is a standard for environmental management that helps organizations minimize their impact on the environment and implement environmentally sustainable practices. Obtaining this certification requires a company to identify and control its environmental impacts while committing to continuous improvement of its environmental performance.

LABORTECH, certified according to ISO 14001, demonstrates its environmental responsibility by operating its facilities and business activities with sustainability in mind. The company actively seeks ways to minimize its ecological footprint and reduce the negative impacts of its operations on the environment.

Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

Certification according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards serves as a guarantee for LABORTECH that it adheres to the highest standards of quality and environmental management. The company is committed to continuous improvement of its processes and procedures to provide top-quality products while minimizing its impact on the environment. In this way, LABORTECH demonstrates its commitment to quality, sustainability, and social responsibility.