Inquiry form – H.8

Dear Madam/Sir,

You have chosen the series LabTest 6.xxxH.8 – VERTICAL DYNAMIC AXIAL-TORSIONAL TESTING MACHINE up to 500kN. In order to prepare a price quotation, we need to know some more information. Please, be so kind and grant us your 5 minutes time.

Thank you for sharing info on this topic with us:

  1. You have chosen the machine of series 8 up to 500kN. Please, choose the machine designation according the required axial load in the enclosed data sheet. (e.g. 6.250H.8)
  2. Specify the torsional load requirement and the maximum rotation angle.
  3. Do you want mechanical or hydraulic clamping of the upper machine crosshead?
  4. Which testing cylinder stroke do you prefer? See the info in the machine data sheet.
  5. Are you going to test through zero point with a combined load in tensile and pressure?
  6. Provide the required axial displacement rate: e.g. amplitude of at least 50 mm when the frequency is 1 Hz.
  7. Specify the desired torque speed: eg. amplitude at least 20 ° at 1 Hz frequency.
  8. What will be the maximum number of test cycles?
  9. What specimens are you going to test (material, dimensions etc.)?
  10. According which standard, testing course, are you going to perform the tests? If the tests are not according to an international standard, please, describe the type, test course and requested results.
  11. Do you require an extensometer? Which one do you prefer? The list of extensometers.
  12. Do you want other accessories for the testing machine? If so, please choose that from the list of accessories. Choose the type designation (i.e. temperature chamber TK1-80 or furnace  HF90x300/100 ).
  13. What software language do you prefer?
  14. Should a protective cover be included in the test machine? If so, indicate whether the front, rear or entire test area.
  15. Please, select the place of the machine installation and requirements for commissioning.

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