Inquiry form – H.11

You have chosen the series H11 – servohydraulic dynamic biaxial testing machines up to 500 kN.

In order to prepare a price quotation, we need to know more information.Please, be so kind and grant us 5 minutes of your time. Thank you for answering our additional questions:

Basic machine:

  1. Indicate whether static or dynamic tests will be performed.
  2. What is the required maximum load of the machine (static or dynamic mode)?
  3. In the case of a dynamic application, please specify the maximum amplitude at the maximum frequency.
  4. What kind of industry is the machine designed for (aviation, biomedical, automotive, textiles)?
  5. What samples will you test (material, dimensions)?
  6. Indicate in which procedure the tests will be performed (force, position, deformation).
  7. According to which STANDARD, will you test the prescription? If the tests are not according to the standard, state and describe the type, the course of the test and the required results.


  1. What fixtures do you prefer (mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic)?
  2. If you require a deformation measurement on the measured sample, specify the gauge length and the assumed deformation.
  3. Will you perform the tests only at room temperature? If not, indicate the required temperature range or environment.


  1. If you have special software requirements, please specify.

Other items:

  1. Please, indicate the destination of the test machine and commissioning.

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