Inquiry form – H.1

You have chosen the servo-hydraulic testing machines series H. 1 in a double-column design up to 500kN. In order to prepare a price quotation, we need to know some more information. Please, be so kind and grant us your 5 minutes time.

Thank you for sharing info on this topic with us:

Basic machine

1. You have chosen a machine series H. 1 up to 200, 300 or 500kN? Please, choose the type designation according to the desired loading in the featured datasheet (e.g.. 6.200H.1.31).

2. Do you prefer a basic FIXED height of the testing area or ADJUSTABLE?

3. If ADJUSTABLE, the arrest of the upper crossbar will be MANUAL (by a torque wrench) or  HYDRAULIC?

4. Do you want a STANDARD piston stroke (500mm)? If NOT, please specify the NON-STANDARD STROKE.

5. Do you require a protective cover of the machine? If YES, specify the frontal, side and back cover (FIXED height) or the whole testing area.

6. Does the STANDARD TESTING SPEED (see the datasheet) suit you? If NOT, please specify the maximal testing speed (mm/min).

7. What specimens are you going to test (material, dimensions)?

8. According which STANDARD, testing course, are you going to perform the tests? If the tests are not according to an international standard, please, describe the type, test course and requested results.


9. What grips do you prefer – MECHANIC (L8) or HYDRAULIC (L13)? If hydraulic, then WEDGE or with SIDE PRESSURE?

10 Do you require an EXTENSOMETER? Which one do you prefer? The list of extensometers.

11. Do you require a furnace? If YES, please choose from this selection. If you require an ATYPICAL furnace, specify:

  1. maximal temperature
  2. furnace internal dimensions, through hole, divided or non-divided
  3. 2 zones or 3 zones design

12. Do you require a temperature chamber? If yes, choose from this selection. If you require an ATYPICAL temperature chamber, specify:

  1. minimal and maximal temperature
  2. specify the internal dimensions of the temperature chamber
  3. humidity
  4. temperature course (graphical display)
  5. required accuracy of the temperature regulation
  6. preferred medium.

13. Do you want other accessories for the testing machine? If so, please choose that from the list of accessories.

14. Do you also want us to supply a PC, LCD monitor, printer?


15. What software language do you prefer?(CZ,EN,RU,FR,PL)

Other items

16. Please, specify the place of the machine installation and requirements for commissioning.

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