H.7 – Horizontal static testing machines up to 10 MN

The series of H.7 horizontal static modular testing machines up to 10MN are designed for mechanical tests of structural ropes according to standard ISO 6892-1, ISO 15630, ISO 12076 or tests of insulators with the possibility to configure the clamping length of up to 30 m. With these machines, it is also possible to carry out a tensile test for deflection, for example, according to EN ISO 15630-3, thanks to the through grip and an integrated hole in the rear crossbar of the machine. The basic equipment of the machine includes a central silent and economical hydraulic unit of the HAS or HAS-G series.

Main advantages and features:

    • Variable welded modular self-supporting segmented system with a maximum test length of 30 m
    • Precision welding construction with high stiffness of the entire system with minimal effect on transfer of released energy to the base.
    • Mechanical machine resistance combined with high level ergonomics and safety
    • Diagnosis of hydraulic unit HALT 18 SIEMENS in standard
    • Option of special integrated hydraulic grips with wedge pressure delivery
    • Integrated new safety interface according to EN ISO 13850
    • Accuracy class according to EN ISO 7500-1, ASTM E4:
      • Accuracy class 1 according to EN ISO 7500-1 from 0.3% of load cell nominal range
      • Accuracy class 0.5 according to EN ISO 7500-1 from 1% of load cell nominal range
    • 1kHz data capture rate in standard from all test channels
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