AVS. 1 – Automatic balancing machines with welding – controlled by robot

Semi-automatic vertical balancing machine VSTest designed for balancing turbines and converters. The balancing machine has a fully automatic cycle, ie it detects an imbalance, performs a correction by welding weights to a precisely defined place and performs control measurements. The operator only loads and unloads the parts.

Maind advantages and features:

  • Vertical balancing machine with 1-plane measurement with manual loading and unloadin.
  • Imbalance correction by the MATUSCHEK spot welding unit.
  • Welding weight loading with ROBOTA UR5 from exchangeable tanks.
  • Clamping of parts – pneumatically with automatic centering and easy collet replacement.
  • Machine calibration in accordance with ISO 21940-21
  • SIEMENS Simatic S7 1500 control system incl. LCD.
  • Field – AUTOMOTIVE
  • Machine control via touch LCD monitor and PC with BALANCERTest – BASIS software at the base of the machine.

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