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LABORTECH - 22 years of experience, development and hard work

LABORTECH - we are a Czech company that has contributed to the European and global market for two decades through the production of testing machines, equipment and automatic testing machines. Thanks to our own innovative product development and our comprehensive portfolio of products including testing machines, impact machines, hardness testers, automatic testing machines, and special test equipment etc. we provide our customers with comprehensive services from A to Z in connection with the above-standard service of our application engineers, both in the field of research and development and the provision of 100 % quality control, in more than 15 industrial sectors, and all according to the standards of EN ISO 9001: 2016. Our objective is to continue to provide our customers with modern technical and technological solutions supported by all necessary services in the field of testing.

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Special machines
custom-made studies, development and design of the special machines for testing of non-standard quantities
Testing machines
machines for tensile, pressure, bend, torsion and shear static testing and for dynamic testing of materials
Testing automatics
fully automated testing machines for industrial production lines
Software for mechanical testing
wide range of modular software for all types of testing
Modernization of testing machines
the modernization of hardness testers, Charpy pendulums and hydraulic or electromechanical testing machines

Own development department


21 years of experience with the development of standard and special testing machines


Hardness testers
Rockwell, Brinell and Vickers hardness tests
Manufacturing and service
manufacturing of czech testing machines of high quality and professional service
Charpy pendulum
instrumented and non-instrumented pendulums for determination of impact strenght by the Charpy method
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Czech manufacturer of test equipment and automation