Thanks to its own development and long-term experience, LABORTECH also supplies the automotive industry with specialised testing machines and testing automats integrated into production lines and subject to the toughest requirements as for accuracy, speed, repeatability and reliability of results. Our main customers include the firms ZF SACHS, VW, BOSCH, VALEO, HENNIGES, BENTELER, MAGNA CARTECH, TCP, FAURECIA, etc.

The company ZF SACHS is our largest business partner, for which we have produced more than 40 specialised testing machines, semi-automats, automats and lines for testing lamellae, springs, thrust plates, flywheels, hydrodynamic changers, etc. We dare to say the company LABORTECH has become THE specialist in the field of testing automotive clutches.


Please find below just a small portion of what our company has produced in the automotive industry field. If you are interested, our dealers and application technicians will be more than happy to provide you with additional detailed information.

Testing and setting PKW clutches slats and inverters

EDHTest 5.2021-4VM-3D-XTD

Basic features

Testing and adjusting PKW X-tend type clutches
Application - Automatic line, continual operation
Max. thrust and release force 20 kN
Cycle time < 12 seconds, standard measurement, 25 sec X-tend type clutch adjustment
Turning carousel - Position 1 = loading and unloading; position 2 = adjusting; position 3 = gauging
Gauging in more than 1 channel at a time
EDHTest software

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ABC 5.20-HM-A - Semi-automatic machine for inspecting PKWs

Basic features

100% lamella testing - Compression, decompression, slippage and sector
Application - Semi-automatic line, manual loading, automatic unloading + selection
Max. testing force 20 kN, C method torque 2 Nm
Cycle time < 12 sec
Automatic selection of NIO lamellas to boxes A, B, C, and D
Operable via a touch-screen LCD monitor
ABCControl software

Automotive testing machines - lamella testing

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KMTest 500 - checking PKW lamella torque 

Basic features

Checking lamellas of all clutch types
Application - Production
Max. torque 500 Nm
Measuring the pre-damper and major damper in quadrant I and II
Operable via a touch-screen LCD monitor + machine remote control
KMTest v.3 software

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