In addition to testing machines, LABORTECH also offers countless various additions and accessories that enhance the test quality itself. Thanks to its long-term experience and know-how, LABORTECH has developed and manufactured these additions and accessories in the highest quality.

We offer both standard and "custom-tailored" accessories for which we first create a 3D model using computer simulations to subsequently develop the given accessory using the model and we introduce the accessory successfully onto the market.

Our dealers and application specialists will be more than happy to advise you on how to select the right accessories to meet your requirements and needs.

Gripping and compression fixtures

We offer a broad range of gripping jaws and fixtures for clamping any sample type. In our range, we offer standard mechanical, pneumatic, and eccentric gripping jaws with straps, etc. In addition to jaws for tensile tests, we also supply thrust plates for pressing, fixtures for 3- and 4-point bending and T-groove plates for fixing samples, etc.

Upínací a tlačné přípravky

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Temperature chambers and ovens

Our broad range of temperature chambers and high-temperature ovens for universal burst machines and Charpy hammers covers a temperature range from -196°C up to +1,500°C. All these devices are custom-manufactured in order to provide the optimal dimensions and temperature range acc. to customer needs. Temperature chambers are characterised by fast heat-up to the required temperature with low energy consumption.

Teplotní komory a vysokoteplotní pece

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We supply for universal testing machines contact mechanical extensometers with a high level of accuracy and elongation of up to 900 mm in length. Contactless optical and laser extensometers excel in their ability not to damage samples. Optical extensometers can simultaneously measure elongation and contraction. We also offer measuring gauges for special applications, such as crack opening sensors, deflectometers and extensometers for testing concrete.

Průtahoměry - extenzometry

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Precision force sensors

With its flanges or internal threads, the force transducer can be easily attached to both sides, for example, to crossbars, beams, clamping heads and hydraulic cylinders, etc. The design above 100kN allows anchor on the side of the sensor. This eliminates the need for through holes in crossbars or costly connecting interfaces.

snímač síly

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